Available Kitties

Fluffy =^..^=
This gorgeous boy is now available! Fluffy's story starts off sadly but has a very happy ending. He was left behind in cat carrier in the parking lot of the apartment complex of his previous owner. Discarded and forgotten, he was turned into a local animal shelter who provided him a safe harbor until he relocated to his foster moms house.

Fluffy's attitude improved within a couple weeks of arriving and he is now eally enjoying his new digs and is very affectionate with his mom. The Fluffster now shares his space with many kitties and dogs. He is in love with the two paraqueets and his canned cat food. He is a BIG boy and can understand commands like "Fluffy, go to your room" and "lets eat".


He is approximately 5 years old, nuetered and is current on his shots. He is not dominate with the other cats but because of his size, can be a little intimidating upon arrival. He is not an overweight cat, just large and with extra fur and a huge tail. Fluffy loves to be scratched and sit in the window watching the world go by.

If you need a little extra Fluff in your world, give us a call to meet this handsome fella.

Did You Know?


> Azaleas should be avoided as they are moderately toxic

> Chrysanthemums can can cause dermatitis (mainly the stems and leaves) but luckily, the scent tends to put kitties off!

> Daffodils or Narcissus can cause vomiting and diarrhoea

> Hydrangea flowers can cause tummy aches

> Iris bulbs are potentially dangerous but, funnily enough, the flowers and leaves are not

> Ivy is potentially fatal especially if kitty eats loads of it

> Marigold leaves and stems causes stomach upsets but pungent smell will keep kitties away

> Keep away from Lilies either cut flowers or the plants themselves. They can cause kidney failure and death.

> Wisteria seeds are lethal to kitties. Sweep them up as soon as they drop or deadhead the plant well to prevent the seeds from forming.

The Joys of Toys

New ideas using common household items

> Ping-Pong ball. Try putting one of these items in a dry bathtub as the captive ball is much more fun than one that escapes under the sofa.

> Round plastic shower curtain rings. These are fun either as a single ring to bat around, hide or carry, or linked together and hung in an enticing spot.

> Paper bags with handles removed. Paper bags are good for pouncing, hiding and interactive play.

> Empty cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels are ideal cat toys, especially if you unwind a little cardboard to get them started.



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