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Dutch is a very handsome pure bred black Labrador retriever. He is approximately one-year old and is still growing. We call him horse because he likes to eat so much, and he likes to stand on his back legs and paw at the air to get your attention. He is very attached to his food and his people. His greatest desire besides eating, is to be by your side doing chores around the house.

Dutch’s best home would be an experienced person who is knowledgeable about training dogs, particularly Labradors. Dutch’s current job is to practice keeping “four on the floor” because he is so enthusiastic and has had no basic obedience training other than “sit”. His new family will need to take him the rest of the way for training and it is our hope that it would be in a home where people are active (runners, hikers, long distance walkers) and are outdoor oriented (with lots of open space for him to run around).

Dutch is playful with other young dogs and would do well to have one or more “friends” to romp around with. He came in with two young puppies and he was gentle and watchful towards them. He behaved as if he was a big brother and he was careful where he jumped so he didn’t hurt them. He does like to run and is pretty fast. He is not ball/or toy obsessive but he does LOVE water and would be awesome around a lake or pool. He is developing muscle and has gained at least 10 lbs since he came to his foster moms house. He eats 2-3 times a day, wet and dry food with lots of vitamins and supplements. His coat is blinding because it is so glossy and healthy.

Once Dutch settles down, he is a dream. He has high energy in the morning and evening (at feeding) but once he has eaten, he calms down and is very content to follow you around the house and yard doing chores and just spending time with you. So far, he has not reacted to the farm animals and is excellent when crated in side. He has not been around children but seems tolerant of indoor kitties.

Dutch enjoys being outside and can be an occasional security barker depending on what the other dogs are doing. He waits by the door to see if he can come in and once inside, he heads for the cat food bowls as clean up eater. He was found in a starvation condition so I would imagine that food will continue to be very important to him and will need to be addressed through training in the future. Dutch is good in the house and loves it when the leash comes out for walks. He is bumpy on the leashed walks but he is trying and only wants to please. Dutch is just a big puppy but tries very hard to understand what you are asking.


This beautiful boy is all kinds of brains and athletic ability. Samson is approximately 13 weeks old and has shown incredible intelligence in the short time he has been at the ranch. He knows his commands, is good with his roommate/brother Charlie when playing and would make an excellent companion for a single or couple who are active.

Samson seems like the kind of dog who would be awesome hiking and camping. He is not afraid to be the lead dog and runs into the action instead of looking behind to see where the reinforcements are. Samson loves to be held and petted but whose energy level is really starting to kick up and will need open space and sunshine to keep him exercised so that he can start learning his commands and good behavior.

Samson is a big boy in his mind, so he will need lots of supervision his first year when playing with bigger dogs to keep him safe. Samson has started crate training indoors and is completey against the idea. Where he wants to be is outside with his buddies frolicking in the wading pools getting wet and having a big time. He is good inside with the kitties, shows little interest in the farm animals and has yet to see the city. Ideally, Samson can be placed with his brother Charlie......


This little pumpkin is pure love. He shows it in his eyes and behavior when he sees you. He is the pup who turns around to see where you are on walks, who is comfortable watching the other dogs roughhouse when playing. He is good with trotting around the property and laying down under a shade tree and resting. He loves his brother Samson and plays well with him. They are very active together. He gets along with all the other dogs big and small and is well behaved in the house. Charlie is going to be a big boy when he grows up.

Charlies' best home would be people who are home during the day and can take him out in the world for exercise and socialization. Charlie will need lots of daily exercise including basic obedience to round out his life experiences. Charlie is good with the kitties, farm animals, people and is learning about how to be in the house. Charlie is doing well with crate training and is generally quiet. He is athletic and is starting to really roughhouse with his brother Samson. They will both be big dogs so will need a large yard and active lifestyle to keep them fit and well behaved.







Rules of the Road.....

The first two weeks after adoption

Time: Typically, we like to adopt animals at the beginning of the weekend so that each animal has at least 2-3 days to acclimate to its new surroundings before the work week starts.

Acclimation: Depending on the animal, acclimation in their new environment can be seamless or sometimes not. We encourage the entire family to be around the first few days to spend lots of time with their new family member to help them get used to their new household

Safety: This is the most pivitol time in the transition process for the newly adopted animal. Peak stress levels can make animals do things they wouldn't normally do so it is VERY important to secure doors and windows to make sure your new family member can't run away. Collars with identification are a must, and leashes should always be used for any outdoor activity.

Attention: If you have more than one of the same type of pet in the house, be sure to give individual attention to each pet as well as attention to them as a pack. Jealousy can spring up in even the most laid back animals until the pecking order is established and even then, your animal thrives on individual care.


Remember! Your new family member has not had a chance to develop a relationship with your other animals. Care must be given in the first few days to keep the excitment to a minimum and allow quiet time for them to get to know each other with soft words of encouragement.

Food: We encourage you to continue using the same type of food the animal is currently being fed. Small meals may be better than big ones during the first couple days in case the animal is feeling stress. Keep healthy treats to a minimum too to avoid disrupting their intestines.

Training: Your best relationship you can have with your pet starts the first day you get him or her. Using consistent commands for the behavior you want. Sit, stay, go potty, lets eat, treat, out, etc. All are important words to reinforce. If you have an area you do not want your pet to be in, start correcting immediately.

With dog adoptions, after some time has passed, occasionally a trainer is needed to help smooth out behaviors that are unwanted. A suggestion would be to ask for referrals for a good trainer prior to adopting, so that you have a back-up plan incase you/your dog need assistance.

What is the Adoption Process?

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