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Flea and Tick Season is upon us!
Taking care of your pets responsibly includes protecting them from fleas and ticks. Before purchasing and applying pesticide products to pets to control fleas and ticks, there is important information you should know.
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Located in Southern California, Buddy Ranch is a small animal rescue serving Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need. Our focus is dogs, but we also work with cats and farm animals, including horses & pigs.

We are committed to ensuring that each animal who comes to the ranch, is provided lots of love and care, structure, socialization and medical attention. We limit the number of animals rescued so that we can better focus on each animal to ensure quality care and adoption to just the right home. Every animal stays on the ranch for as long as it takes for them to heal, realign and grow. When ready, we place each animal in the best possible "forever" home taking into consideration their strengths and needs and matching them with just the right family who will love and support them.

~ We look forward to working with you!

Spay & Nueter Clinics

Low cost shot and spay/nueter clinics around SoCal

Orange County

Animal Medical Center-(Fountian Valley)

San Diego County

Spay Nueter Action Project

Spay California

Riverside County

Canyon Lake Animal Clinic (2:00-4:00 M-F)

Favorite Vets Around Town

Looking for a great vet? These days, there are many offices to choose from but sometimes its nice to get a referral. Here are some offices in and around Southern California that are fantastic for one reason or another ...

Orange County

San Diego County

Riverside County

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